People’s opinion can enrich or destroy startup

People’s opinion can enrich or destroy startup, that’s why buisness managers have to be more attentive to the people who critics them and answer them competently and politely.

There is the website where people can review what people think about the place they are interested in. this website called Yelp and there we can find famous brands. This website is very popular, people who were interviewed said that they buy thing according to the Yelp reviews.

Yelp made revolution in small business. There is five point how Yelp changed small business:

  1. The People Regulation

Yelp became very famous that business managers thought it would be better to mark Yelp into there website like socoal media. In the other hand Yelp can make some business trouble, because there is some people who don’t like some places and this can decrease the ratings. People stop using the survey of the business, so the managers would have no way and the company will stop functioning.

But it helps small businesses to do everything for their clients, otherwise they lose them.

  1. The Fair Review

There always was discussion about business on websites. But it is hard to say what is real and what not. Customers sometimes don’t share other peoples opinion which is written there.

But Yelp is another case, people think that it is impartial and the information which is there is true. Most of small businesses ask people to rate their company on Yelp and share the people how they liked that place.

The website said that true reviews is rare, if they have impartial reviews this will bring a big success.

  1. Recognition The Mistake

Some small business don’t mention the critics and continues their job. They do their best to prove that they are better than some people think.

Yelp helps buisnesmen to meet the people who didn’t like their company. Managers have to think about the problems more and must do everything to improve relations with dissatisfied customers. They must answer Yelp review by all means, otherwise they will lose them.

  1. Find The Yelp

Before Yelp became so popular, people who wanted to know about business they were interested in, they searched them in google and it took more time. Now they use Yelp simply and fast. Yelp helps the business to be famous.

Also Yelp helps people to save their time and without coming that place they would know it is good or bad. In short time every website will have a link of Yelp.

  1. Yelp Saves Money

Companies are interested in what people think about their business and they spend money to find out this, also some of them use fake preview to make their business popular. Yelp can do the same job without money.

Small businesses can introduce themselves.

High quality service and devoted customer is the guarantee that your business will be successful.

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