Inexpensive staff business ideas

If you are the manager or the person who runs the office and is responsible for your team, you have to be aware of your own team members as well and the entire HR policy. As many people may claim the financial issue is very important for every employee but sometimes some other inexpensive ideas are more appreciated. At first you have to know your own employees and then think about the ideas to promote and make them happy.

Sometimes it could be a thank you note specially designed for them. This means that you appreciate their work and they are respected ones within the organization. In this case you can mention their professional skills and say to them how you are happy with their work. Even you can send them a thank you note by email or even express your gratitude in personal.

Make them the own bosses of their precious time. If they need some assistance in arranging their work hours or need some help, be at their disposal and try to help them when possible and needed. This makes them feel that you do care about them and you are not kind of boss rather than a friend at the same time.

Arrange pizza party. Sometimes this could serve as a good tool for socializing and creating a good working team. This is a leisure time for the employees when they can get know each other better and become a real team. This could be reflected on the work quality later, as well. Just try it.

Also you can think about the site visits involving your staff, this could be a good idea in order to show them whom you work with and what the real process of work represents. The employees will get familiar with the vendors and the partner companies.

Wall of fame could be an idea as well. You can stick the pictures of your staff on the wall and also write down why they are put right there. This is a kind of recognition from the top management and meaning that you appreciate their work that particular week. Also you can think about the delivery of trophy. This could a small one which you deliver to that concrete person who really deserves it mentioning that particular task already performed. The important is that the person has to return it back to you at the end of the week. This will serve as the trophy transferring from one person to another time by time.

For some people it could be kind of fun but at the same time recognition as well. You can give a conference room or a room name after the successful employee.

Emailing to everyone – sometimes it’s good to know that you are recognized by your supervisor for the well-done job. Letting others to know about that is also pleasant.

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