Financiers who worry about the problems try to find place where their money would be safe.

Financiers who worry about the problems try to find place where their money would be safe. People talk that some of the world’s biggest banks are not protected as it is necessary. This year begun doubtful especially February, it reminds us September 2008 when Lehman Brothers bankrupted.

If we compare today’s situation and 2008’s, when there was financial slum almost every country, is not right. Nowadays the big banks can protect their property and be strong when there is crisis.

In this little period since the stock market has some troubles people who are interested in this field worry about this turmoil before all these problems will be solved. Less prices of shares, the goods which cost became lower and the gold which was delivered later than it was necessary tries to be improved since 2009.

That bad days taught us that  during the crisis people can panic when the bank owners announce that their companies are under the crush.

At first it starts with China and there was the danger of the world’s second huge economy sign , the third case of world’s crisis started in the US in 2007 and soon spread in Europe in 2010. The US, some peripheral European counties and China used cheap credit and saved their countries from disaster. The economy becomes lower, but China grows their budget at almost 7%, as it showed official data or a few rates. Danny Gabay, who counseling in the Fanthom, said that objective rate of growth could be 3% or less.

Countries that provide goods – from Angola To Australia – sale all the oil, iron, ore aluminium and copper in high prices and have better profit. Most of that countries which gave money and borrowed without doubt, that premium prices will have been kept for a long time.

There are four different factors. First of all some European banks still have debts that they borrowed during last crisis and they have to repay it. Than they think that if they lend money for shale oil research and high quality belongings deal that will waste money. Next unmarketable goods can’t get profit. Finally bad interests rates became more frequent and it combines problems in the financial side, that’s why the banks prefer to save money at central banks.

Central banks were forced to do something to stop the deviation that China’s deceleration has defied and the oil price decrease has settled. But there is some disagreeable part of QE  and the fewest interest value became evident. QE realized assent-price through its reassurance rash loans, while little and band interests rates value add to financial influence on the banks.

To tot up, almost eight years have seen the huge use of pecuniary supporting which saves the history. Last data shows that all the defects has not recovered yet and it changes slowly. The situation becomes very stange, businesses begun to worry that central banks can’t manage the situation.  The main problems of pre-bankrupt economy – unequal increasing wages, badly dependence on debt, less effective request – there is the problems which must be settled.

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