Analysts find out that banks are strong enough to handle the danger that can cause share price falling

Bank manager are in panic because the leader markets are under the pres. Global bank safety stocks were sold, the banking shares in the UK begun to go down and everyone were interested what was the reason that the rates were so disinterested which causes the economic slowdown.

The shares market price of some of Britain’s banks are less then price of their properties, especially HSBC bank begun Chartered and Barclays.

After the panic about market, prices of shares in Barclays and Royal Bank became lower and this index is the smallest since 2012. George Osborne changed his mind for a while to sell his safety stocks in Lloyds Banking Group to the public.

The banks which attacked the low prices of shares, researchers find out that they have more capital – the secret of their financial stable is what they did after the 2008 begun.

Analysts find out that banks are strong enough to handle the danger that can cause share price falling. They also said that European banks have €700m, which is more than they had before global crisis.

But there are some troubles. People will observe how the banks can accrue the finances. If there is low interests, the profits will be less. The debts that increases can make many problems. The banks try to earn more money and cover scandals . Financiers observe for any influence on the emolument that they get from dividends, also how much they spent on employees wages. Many banks wait the announcement about their  yearly profit, it also shows the best work of the staff.

Standard chartered

Standard Chartered is focused other problems. New manager Bill Winters said that it is shares owners fault. Winters has made some changes, that decreases consign the goods to China. The bank officers carefully selects the customers which they give money.

Analysts at Barclays said that Standard Chartered’s profit have carried hard exam for two years. This profit are likely to very hard conditions of commerce, a low economic situation and decrease the prices of goods. These changes can solve many problems.

Lloyds Banking Group

The market crisis has made safety stocks in Lloyds to 57p, it is the worst price since April 2013, there is not chance that government helps to sell the stake in the bank, which mortgaged out in 2008 with £20bn payer cash. The banks measures the UK economy and it is also deposit lender, so if the loans would be less or prices became lower FTSE investors will be nervous.

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